Meta Grgurevič (1979) finished her post-graduate studies in painting at the Venice Fine Art Academy from “Arti Visive e Discipline dello Spettacolo”,in 2007. In 2002- 2005 she, Mara Ambrožič, Jasmina Cibic and Mery Favaretto founded the Passaporta group, which operated between Venice, Ljubljana, Granada and London. Since then she frequently works in collaboration with other artist: Urša Vidic, JAŠA, Tine Grgurevič, Mark Požlep, Nina Vidrih, Kalu (Luka Uršič), Junzi. As well with people from fields of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering: France Petač, Otto Urpelainen, Martin Podlogar.
She lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia

“Creative process is an endless process of learning that is twofold: 1. understanding technical features of fine arts medium, understanding operational system and the power of effect and finally knowing how to use it. 2. understanding the historical development and the background of desired medium. Going through the history of science, movie or literature with intention to discover all features of the medium, leads me to interesting random fragments of history in which I find obvious analogies with contemporary times. These help me understand and broaden the content of my work. Through my vision and comprehension of my current situation and relation towards the environment I live in, I reinterpret them and sometimes directly or indirectly actualize them.”