Never sure exactly what I’ll find

“I do not intend to privatise symbols or mythologies. Instead I dissect and mutilate existing bodies and narratives. I take these – once organic forms – apart until they are completely unrecognisable and stripped bare of any initial form or function. The process of my work leads me from primary functions such as collecting, cooking, dismembering and dissecting to the secondary phase of stitching, combining, interweaving and grafting.”

“In such a way, I strive towards a situation where the reality of the differend (Lyotard) never collides with its own fantasy projection and where the narrative unfolding before the spectator’s eyes remains an unresolved, cyclical one. At whatever point the audience enters my generated spaces and installations, they find themselves embedded within this paradigm of a system, which presents itself as a perverse, fabricated myth.”

In collaboration with: Jaša / J&S Construction (Jaša&Simone Settimo) /  “Illusion” by Imagination recomposed by Tine Grgurevič / vocal group: Urška Brank, Ana Bratanič, Nejc Tiran, Matej Veider, Aljoša Rijavec, Metod Banko

Photo by: DK
Curated by Petja Grafenauer
Ganes Pratt Gallery, Ljubljana