Six Years Dreaming of You, Which is About 2 Hours Each Night.

Meta Grgurevič, an artist from the younger generation, completed her post-graduate studies in painting at the Venetian Academy of Fine Arts in 2007. Likovni salon will host her spatial installation entitled Six Years Dreaming of You, Which is About 2 Hours Each Night. In this installation Meta has merged various means of expression – from painting and sculpting to animations, posters and photomontages. Together with the emphasised light effects in an otherwise totally dark gallery this creates a specific, stage-like ambience. The artist who within the frame of the group Passaporta (to which she belonged during her study years in Venice together with Mara Ambrožič, Jasmina Cibic and Mery Favaretto) obtained experience in art in public space, established herself as a creator of fascinating installations for all senses. Her installations always take over the entire available space and create a creative atmosphere that triggers an intense experience within the viewer. This remains to be the case also in this exhibition, for this time she combined various means of expression and styles. She created a picturesque ambience that immediately transports the viewer (as soon as one enters the space) from a public into an intimate space. In order to achieve this she did not use a unified artistic language, but various types of artistic discourse. The setting that views the everyday life (which is always full of contradictions and within which everything happens – the beautiful and the ugly, the good and the bad, the rational and the absurd, the real and the imaginary, the usual and the strange) from a female perspective is marked with the poetic and romantic, as well as with a chaotic and hectic feeling. If the artist was previously known (Gallery Ganes Pratt, Ljubljana, 2008) for a typically emphasised eradication of borders between the real and the fictive and her construction of space through a myriad of details, the installation in Likovni salon has a more compact setting that uses the connections between life situations and art to turn more decisively towards the real (the starting point of which is the artists intimate experience of the everyday life, the social environment and the imaginary world). The artist created a micro world, however it is inactive, for it does not try to direct the viewer towards a selected and precisely defined way of reading, instead it enables numerous associational links and an individual as well as intense experience. Within this the artist – indirectly – with individual ironic elements touches the issues of femininity and the role of women in the existing social and cultural structures.

Episode 3
He sometimes looks at me in a strange way when he wakes up, but then kisses me with morning breath. When he takes a shower, he spills water all over the bathroom and leaves dirty socks under the laundry basket. He lets coffee sediments eat into the cup after breakfast. Sometimes he is arrogant, sometimes he starts complicating about little things, he doesn’t make the bed and he often takes my place in front of the mirror. The compromise of living together occasionally robs us of going with our flow…it draws early wrinkles on our faces….seriousness in our eyes. When his body gets him so close to me that the smell of him moves me not only subconsciously…but crawls into me, as if it was an independent being…my skin becomes electricity…the kind that is created when two velvets rub against each other. Friction paints colors in front of my eyes and the whole world becomes silent. It all becomes timeless, as if hours are not allowed in this world…words loose the commitment they usually carry within and all that is left is fluttering in the vacuum. My skin is slipping towards the ground which is only a strange consequence of work division, time division, mind division. For six months I tried to hide the fact that I read on the toilet. I don’t allow him to see me naked when I eat too much for too long. I am cranky in the morning. Sometimes I have double standards and I often nag without any apparent reason. The air around me takes up too much space…but my heart just wants to go on. Who will render back all the kisses we ceased to exchange when the day separated us too much? Just wrap me round your head and forget I was ever something else than my own. (Nina Vidrih)

Photo by: Robert Ograjenšek
Likovni salon Gallery, Celje
Production: Likovni salon Gallery, Celje